Whether it is an additional module to your existing footprint, an additional location or a brand new implementation, we can help. With more than 10 years of experience implementing Oracle E-business suite, we know what kind of setting will give you the best combination of productivity and control.

Many Times, due to time or budget constraints, the applications are not setup during the initial implementation effort to derive the maximum benefit, it is common to leave functionality gaps or entire modules not configured. Also, due to changing businesses conditions, what used to work before is no longer effective, forcing users to support outdated settings with informal subsystems. Under these conditions, a setup review and a new recommended configuration will bring the system back into shape or expand the application’s footprint to new areas of interest.

Refresh the knowledge of your end users and super users to assure the applications are being used as it was initially intended. Also, we can help design and deliver multi-media training, including UPK materials

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